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  • Added by: admin @ 04 Jan 2012 11:25
    How to choose a home computer desk correctly
    For a long time computers have been an unalienable attribute of our life. Now it is very difficult for me to imagine their full absence both in offices and at our homes. Very different people, both adults and teenagers and even children spend in front of the laptop a big part of their work and free time. I think you know how important it is to pave yourselves the way for the highest comfort . On that, how correctly your home computer place will be organized, depends how fast you will get tired, and even the value of the risk to get some diseases, connected with constant tension and incorrect carriage. So, we start to choose a desk for you and your computer. I hope, you have already got a computer and you have a free place in your room, where you are going to work with it. By the way, some doctors recommend to have bluish walls in such a room. Probably, I’ll have to recolor one of the walls in my room soon. The first, what we pay attention to, is the size of the desktop. The desk should have sufficient depth to secure the correct distance from your eyes to the monitor. The distance is equal to the length of your arm or some inches longer. This rule is connected with the fact, that our eyes exert themselves more, when they examine something nearby. A computer desk can have a special shelf for the monitor, but you should decide yourselves, whether you need it. Another rule is: The center of the monitor must be a little lower than your eyes level, when you are sitting ...

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